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The London-based Gem-A (more formally the Gemmological Association of Great Britain) is the longest established and most highly respected international gem education body, providing a range of gem education courses; from short diamond grading seminars to our flagship diploma courses. Our diploma courses can be studied at our London headquarters, at home through our unique blend of conventional distance learning and elearning, or at one of our numerous Accredited Teaching Centres, based in more than 25 countries worldwide. With our commitment to high educational standards, we serve the interests of the gem and jewellery industries and support gemmological research worldwide.

In addition to our educational programmes we form a unique and international community of gem professionals and enthusiasts through Membership. We also provide a shop for the purchasing of gemmological instruments and host two internationally distributed publications, Gems & Jewellery and The Journal of Gemmology.

Jewellery is a great career, and great careers need great qualifications. Around the world, top gem and jewellery professionals in retail, manufacture or valuation, labs, gem mines or jewellery auction departments often have the initials FGA or DGA after their names. These initials are a designation of excellence, a sign that the person is a Fellow or Diamond Member of the Gemmological Association of Great Britain. To achieve this status they have had to pass our rigorous and government accredited exams which test the knowledge they need to meet the challenges of today.s gem and diamond business. Jewellery Stylist are experts on jewellery jobs and understand, like us, that prestigious jewellery companies seek prestigious qualifications.

Chief Executive Gem-A
The Gemmological Association of Great Britain
27 Greville Street (Saffron Hill entrance)