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I am worried about confidentiality. How can I be assured of this?

Confidentiality is assured at all times. Candidates are dealt with by one jewellery recruitment consultant from start to finish. We do not want your confidentiality breached and therefore we work very hard not to reveal any personal details of clients and candidates until we are confident that it will not jeopordise your current job, after all, it is our reputation on the line.


I do not have jewellery or watch job experience. Can I still submit my C.V?

We encourage individuals who already have experience of working within a luxury high end retail or sales environment with experience of one to one consultation roles to contact us about our jobs in jewellery.


Are all live jewellery vacancies listed on your web site?

No. The jewellery jobs listed on the website are a very small portion of jewellery and watch jobs. We recruit on a skills basis rather than by job role. We are not a job board and therefore we will put forward candidates towards companies even in the absence of vacancies as many recruiters are quite often happy to meet with individuals if someone matches their requirements. So if you do not see a jewellery job that matches your requirements, chances are we will have several, so submit your C.V to us to find the perfect luxury jewellery job!


You have many excellent jewellery vacancies on your website, but you do not specify who the recruiters are. Why is that?

That's correct. Just like candidate confidentiality, recruiters do not necessarily wish for their jewellery vacancies to be made public. This may be for many reasons such as discretion, competitor awareness or security. We respect the confidentiality of each retailer as equally as candidate confidentiality.