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Samsung Galaxy Gear Wristwatch!

The Samsung Galaxy Gear is the latest, highly publicised, wearable smartwatch scene and Samsung’s most recent effort at a wearable gadget.

By working in perfect harmony with the Galaxy Note 3, thanks to a piece of technology called Smart Relay, the Galaxy Gear allows you to get the benefits of the Note 3 without ever having to take it out of your pocket.

This new innovation and next generation of wristwatches offers wearers the ability to make calls hands free , take pictures via S Voice and capture photos and video thanks to a camera built into the strap, to accessing your apps on your wrist.

Other nifty features include the Auto Lock, that locks your Galaxy Note 3 when you move more than 1.5 metres from it. This watch also has a pedometer which calculates how many steps you have taken!
Although compact, the 1.63 inch screen appears clear and detailed and has a 320 x 320 pixel resolution.

Novelty or here to stay, this will remain to be seen, this gadget does have some cool features and includes a 1.63-inch touchscreen display; 1.9-megapixel camera and Bluetooth 4.0 connectivity to smartphones and allows you to Receive calls and texts to your wrists. Worth the £299 price tag?  Take a look at the video below and make your own mind up!