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Get a great CV!

Many, many candidates are being held back due to a poorly constructed CV.

What is more bewildering, is that most often, these CVs come from candidates who are based in good jobs with some recognisable companies! These CVs should be impressive, desirable and eye catching; instead they can be short, uninformative and messy.

Candidates have one chance at grabbing the attention of their reader, be it a retailer or a recruitment agency. Unfortunately, a lot of job seekers think that experience speaks for itself, but in fact they could not be more wrong!

What Jewellery Stylist looks for:

  • Firstly, Jewellery Stylist  look for candidates that have a good jewellery, watch or luxury background.
  • Secondly, they must have an informative CV; neatly laid out, detailing desirable key skills along with clear and concise career responsibilities and most importantly career achievements.
  • CV’s need to be neat, no colourful, crazy fonts and no fancy layout.
  • A professional, organised CV will give candidates a real head start in finding their perfect Jewellery Job!

Common errors:

Compact is key!  On average employers spend just 8 seconds looking at a CV.  An entire life history spanning page after page is an irrefutable way of heading towards the reject pile!   

Keep it relevant!  Figure out what key skills you possess that are relevant to the roles you are applying for and point them out!  Never just assume we will know them!

We are good- but we are not psychic! If you have a specific skill, qualification or use of a specific software package, add them to your CV!  If they are not on your CV the reader will assume that you do not possess what they are looking for and move on to a candidate who does!  Seriously...  This is one of the biggest oversights!

Check your grammar! CVs full of grammatical errors are extremely common. Use the spell-check tool, but remember that the best proof-reader is another set of eyes. Ensure that there are no spelling errors, poor word choice, or misuse of language. These mistakes are not acceptable as it gives the impression that your attention to detail is lacking and you are not careful with your work!

To abbreviate is plain lazy! Your CV is a professional document – a representation of the value you can bring to an organisation. Abbreviating November to Nov. and Customer to Cust. screams "I cut corners and cannot take the time, even for the purpose of this document, to take the time to write it professionally!"

Key CV requirements:

  • Add your profile!  This should be a paragraph at the top of your CV, stating why you are good at what you do along with your passion for your work.
  • Ensure you highlight key skills and any jewellery/watch qualifications.
  • Detail by your career history to include key responsibilities and achievements, accounting for any gaps in employment.  It can also be helpful to add a brief description of the company.
  • Usually a CV should be no more than two A4 pages. 

Ready to give yourself a Promotion on your CV? Think Again!

So you increased turnover on your department from £2 million to £4 million did you?  And you also ensured consistent sales growth year on year by 20% as well?  Impressive stuff!  What’s more, you were responsible for repairing luxury watch brands on site and you have a certificate in JET 1&2?

You certainly seem like a fantastic candidate.  However you may want to think twice before giving yourself a “promotion” on your CV.  According to research conducted by 57% of employers say they have caught a lie on a candidate’s application.  Of those employers who discovered this, a huge 93% did not hire the candidate; understandably!

Can you get away with being deceptive on your CV?

Absolutely not.  Never underestimate a recruitment agency or a direct employer.  Consultants and employers are specialists in their field.  They are experts in the sector you are applying for and therefore making overzealous and highly unlikely statements will be instantly recognisable.  These people are trained to read CVs critically, to spot flaws and inconsistencies.  Such professionals understand the profiles of other businesses in their genre and, as a result, they will understand the expectations and skills required at each level of hierarchy within a company.  So claiming that you were responsible for all new store openings and budgets as a junior sales Professional, just won’t cut it.

So how does this relate to the Jewellery Industry?

Security and honesty is a prime factor in this trade and therefore employers are looking to recruit candidates who can uphold this trait.  Lying on a CV clearly contradicts this.  This industry is extremely close knit and therefore it is extremely easy to check claims made on a CV, check qualifications and work out sales figures.

At Jewellery Stylist we are extremely familiar with most jewellery and watch companies.  We understand their profiles and therefore we can spot inconsistencies and over exaggerated claims.  We know what levels of responsibility are expected from a position within a company and therefore we also know when claims are excessive and extravagant.  It is also advisable to bear in mind that just beacuse you have worked abroad for a while, does not make you exempt from having these factors checked too.  It is just as easy to verify this information with another country as it is in the U.K!

Remember, exaggerating or lying may seem like a way to achieve your ideal job, or obtain an increase in salary, but employers and recruitment agencies ARE extremely rigorous in checking out potential employees, often only a phone call away.  Never put anything on your CV that you cannot explain and validate in an interview.  Jewellery Stylist will always check and direct employers will too!