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New Corporate Social Responsibility Course | GEM-A

Gem-A are providing an innovative Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) for the Jewellery Professional course, perfect for those in the profession, who are looking to make positive ethical changes to their business, but doesn't know exactly where to start...

Why study CSR for the Jewellery Professional? 

Gem-A’s new CSR for the Jewellery Professional course, developed in conjunction with Branded Trust and CIBJO’s educational charity, the World Jewellery Confederation Education Foundation (WJCEF), has been specifically tailored to the jewellery industry and the jewellery professional, and will provide the industry with an essential foundation for Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) which can be incorporated into any size business, no matter where it is located in the jewellery supply chain.

Who is it suitable for?

Anyone in the gem and jewellery industry who want to move forward and bring CSR to their business and business supply chains.

Course features

  • Six modules, incorporating online video lectures, delivered by experts in ethics and the jewellery industry
  • Online course notes (available to download)
  • Supplementary online readings and module tests
  • Written essay component

Course content

You will:

  • Learn to define CSR in a way that is relevant to jewellery professionals
  • Become familiar with the high profile CSR issues affecting the industry, enabling you to build trust with consumers and clients
  • Learn to expand on several other dimensions of the business case that lead to improved business performance
  • Become aware of the different techniques and tools available to assist in implementing a CSR programme
  • Learn about the implications of making ethical, fair, sustainable and green claims and the risks businesses run if those claim cannot be substantiated
  • Learn about the growing importance of CSR as an essential aspect of professional accreditation

To register for this course online, visit or download an application form here.

GIA Education Schedule 2014


With the 2014 just around the corner, why not think about how you can improve your jewellery knowledge by enrolling on one of the GIA courses? As well as significantly improving your product knowledge.  Candidates with jewellery qualifications are increasingly in demand by employers.

Choose from on campus, distance learning and lab classes, everyone has the chance to improve their skills and knowledge though one of the GIA courses from beginner to experienced, there is something for everyone to learn!

Take a look at the 2014 schedule below and you could be taking the first step to finding your dream job!

GIA 2014 Schedule